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Pet Food

It should not cost more to feed your pets than it does to feed yourself, so we stock plenty of pet foods and other supplies that your fur family will love and so will your wallet. You can stock up for months at our prices. Stop by and see.

Pet Food & Supplies

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Do you ever feel like you spend more money on your pets than you do on yourself? That's pretty common. But it does have to be that way. Especially with our pricing on all our pet foods, treats, and grooming products. Because we are able to purchase pet products at such a low cost you can now buy nearly everything you need for your fur family for pennies on the dollar you'll have more money yourself and the rest of the family for groceries. 

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Pet Toys & Treats


Have you ever been shocked by how pricey pet toys and treats can be and regular retailers? Well, get ready to be shocked by the opposite. We have enough toys and treats and ridiculously low prices that can afford to spoil your pet for any occasion. Click here to find us to begin spoiling your pets  

Dog & Cat Food


Every dog and cat has different tastes and needs for food, just like every pet owner. But what they want and need of our pets can be of a hindrance to our pocketbook. But not anymore. Now that you have found us you can begin saving up to hundreds of dollars a year on dog and cat foods.

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Grooming  & Accessories


Pamper your pooch and spoil your kittens with quality name brand grooming supplies and prices well below even the generic brands. While your here and saving money you might as well accessorize your pets with collars leashes, and many other accessories that your pets are going to love

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