The Edgewood Locker and been processing award-winning meats for over 30 years with over 200 awards from state and nation competitions.

Luana's Smart Shopper Has the best pricing on Edgewood Locker Meat. It's worth the drive at our prices.

Great Meat Selection

You're not going to better meats or a better variety of meats at any other discount grocer as you will find at Luana's Smart Shopper.

We have partnered with Edgewood Locker to stock quality meats from the most award-winning meat locker in Eastern Iowa. We are proud to carry a large selection of beef, and pork products included beef and pork sticks, summer sausages, ground Italian & breakfast sausage, ground beef and the best and a large variety of bratwursts. 

Processed Beef

Fantastic quality ground beef for the perfect grilled hamburgers, chili or whatever the family chef has and imagination for and quality value cuts of beef at meat locker prices. At these prices, you're going to want to stock the freezer full. But save some room for some great tasting beef sticks and summer sausage. The whole family is going to thank you when cooking with Edgewood Locker Meats

Processed Pork


Edgewood Locker is famous for its quality thick cuts of great-tasting bacon. Luana's Smart Shopper carries several flavors and the best prices in Iowa. Their process for curing sausages are second to nobody. Stop in and pick up a little of a lot of Edgewood Locker bacon and sausage and see for yourself why they have won dozens of awards. Be sure to grab the egg with your Edgewood Locker bacon

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