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Beverages & Snacks

Visit Luana's Smart Shopper to see how much you can save on your food and beverages. You could save hundreds or even thousands every year on all your essentials and snacks. 


Food & Beverages

Baking a Cake with discount groceries in

We have all the food essentials available for pennies on the dollar. Get your pantry filled and keep it filled. Luana's Smart Shopper is such a short trip from places like Elkader, Prairie du Chien Waukon, that anyone in the area can shop with us on save on everything from flour to cookies beef jerky to candy. No retailer could ever hope to match our prices. So stop in and stock up on all your food and beverage needs and save more money than you ever thought was possible.


cereal Box_edited_edited.png
cereal Box_edited_edited.png
Boxed Foods


Looking for an easy inexpensive way to feed yourself or a whole family. The boxed and pre-packaged food at Luana's Smart Shopper make it cheap, easy and delicious to feed the whole family. Your taste buds will never be board with our ever rotating variety of foods to choose from. Mac 'n Cheese, "Hamburger Helper"  Instant Rice and many other meals in a box brands and flavors. We also have many baking and cooking foods to choose from. Rice, flour sugar, corn meal and cornstarch and spices.
Canned Food


Save money and enjoy all the benefits of canned food. Many of our canned foods are anywhere between ten cents to under a dollar. Plus canned foods have so many benefits including having as many nutitional benefits as fresh or frozen fruits and vegtables, easy to prepare and very long shelf life so you can stock up for days weeks or even months worth of canned fruit. At our prices you can add a few hundred dollars worth of food for under $100.


We have great varieties pop that's rotating all the time, name brands too. Juice mixes and drink mixes from Crystal Light and Kool-Aide quenching house full of thirst. Luana's Smart Shopper prices have been set so low that  going to be able to stock up for days and weeks to come for what it would cost to buy a couple days worth of drinks from the regular retails. Find us here in Luana. Just 15 mins from Prairie du Chien & Elkader. 

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Snack Food


Cookies, chips, beef jerky, nuts, popcorn and much more. Stock your pantry with plenty of goodies without emptying your pocket book. Treat yourself and the family with name brand cookies and treats. Or if you want to bake your own snack be sure to stock up on all your baking supplies and seasonings. We have it all chocolate chips, sweeteners, flour, sugar and extracts. All of it is priced at pennies on the dollar compared to the big box retailers.

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